What is web hosting and how it works?

What is web hosting and how it works?

Web hosting is required to show your website on the Internet. It is an online space to store your data on the internet. It is the same as you store files on your computer. Therefore, if you want to create a website, then you should have good knowledge of what is Web Hosting.

Because Domain and Hosting help the most in getting the website recognized. Therefore, before creating a blog and website, you should have good knowledge about them.

You must have known about the domain name. In this post, we will know about what is web hosting. With the help of this, any beginner can easily choose a good and cheap web hosting for himself.

Web hosting is an online service that enables you to publish a website or web application on the internet.

When you sign up for a web hosting service, you rent some space on an enlarged server where you can store all the files and data required for your website to function properly.

Web Hosting means giving space to store website pages, images, videos, files, etc. So that anyone can access your website and content through the Internet.

And the special computer on which your files and data are stored is called a web server.

The web server is connected to 24×7 Internet. Due to this, the website is always online. Meaning it is available to the user anytime without any problem.

How to buy a domain
how web hosting works
You must have understood what is web hosting. Let us learn how it works.

Web Hosting is the companies that give their service on rent to host the website on the Internet.

Once the hosting company hosts your website, users can easily access the website by typing your web address (Domain Name) in their web browser.

When they do this, their computer connects to the server on which your website is hosted. Then the server sends the files hosted by you to the browser to show them. The user can see the website according to his or her need.

Domain Vs Hosting
Domain name and hosting are two different things. But most web hosting companies sell both domain and hosting.

Or you can also say that the domain company also sells hosting. Due to this new people get confused about domains and hosting.

Domain means the URL of your blog, by typing which visitors come to your blog or website.

And on hosting your website’s data, files are stored.

If you say it in simple words, then you can call your home address and host as the room inside the house.

How many types of hosting are there
You must have understood what is hosting and how it works. Let us now know how many types are there.

There are many types of web hosting, but most of the 5 types of hosting are used the most to create a website.

Shared Hosting
Dedicated hosting
Cloud Hosting
managed hosting
Let us know about them in detail below.

Shared Hosting
Many websites are hosted on the same server on this hosting. That’s why it is available at the cheapest price. In the share, hosting price is cheaper because web hosting providers collect the money from a group of users.

The advantage of shared hosting is that it is very cheap and easy to set up. Because its control panel is user-friendly. And this is budget hosting specially for new users, which don’t have income from the website.
Shared hosting is useful for small businessmen to create websites for small businesses at a low cost.

But in the shared hosting you will get limited access. And performance can also be up-down because different users use the same web storage space.

So if your plan is to create a new blog or website then shared hosting will be the best for you.

VPS hosting
VPS Hosting is little expensive compare to shared hosting. VPS hosting is also called Virtual Private service hosting.

In VPS Webhosting, the same server is divided into different parts. And the web storage part you will get in this, you do not have to share the hosting space with others. Meaning this is your private server.

If we talk about the benefits of VPS hosting, then you get good security and high performance and speed in it.

And on VPS Hosting you can handle a lot more traffic than shared hosting. But it is a little more expensive compared to shared hosting.

Dedicated Hosting
Dedicated Hosting is at the top among all the hosting. And its server is very big with fast processors and big storage. That’s why it is very expensive, but you will get more felicities from it.

As in this, the loading speed of your website will be fast loading. And it is also more secure than another hosting.

Many people’s websites are hosted on shared hosting. But there is only one website host on Dedicated Hosting. It depends on website traffic for the high-traffic website dedicated hosting is better.

That is, you can understand Dedicated Hosting not as a room but as a whole house. Only you will have the right to.

And the blogs which have a high traffic of visitors come. Or Dedicated Hosting is used for an E-commerce website.

Cloud Hosting
On Cloud hosting, the website uses the resources of another Cloud Server.

If we say it in simple words, then on Cloud Webhosting, not only one server but many together host the website.

That’s why it doesn’t matter how much traffic it receives.

But in Cloud hosting, you can use the Dedicated Hosts service.

Managed Hosting
Managed Hosting is a new type of hosting. On another hosting, you have to dig and manage a lot like the backup of the site, updating software and applications, etc.

But you do not have to do all this on managed hosting. Because on managed Webhosting all this will be managed by the hosting company for you.

Linux Vs Windows Hosting
At the time of buying hosting you get 2 options Linux and Windows. You can buy any type of hosting.

But window hosting is a bit more costly than Linux.

Linux is an open-source operating system. The hosting company does not pay money to use it.

But the company has to pay for the license of windows hosting. And it is also more secure than Linux.

Most new website owners choose Bloggers Linux hosting only. Because it is cheaper than window hosting. And more features are available in Linux than in Windows.

Web Hosting Features
You will get many options to buy hosting. But you have to decide which hosting plan will be right according to your needs.

Below, I will tell you about what are the features of good web hosting. You can select the best web hosting for yourself.

disk space
Disk space means the storage capacity of hosting. This is hard disk space in the server. If you want to load more content or more website that case you need hosting with more disk space. And on low storage capacity, the website can get full quickly. That’s why always choose to host with Unlimited Disk Space.

How much data your website can access in a second is called Bandwidth. In low bandwidth, if more people visit the site same time that case website will take more time to load, or sometimes it will not load.
For the new site bandwidth is not important but for the busy site needs more bandwidth.

If more traffic comes to the site with low bandwidth, then the website gets down.

The time the website is available is called uptime. And nowadays many companies give a guarantee of 99.99% uptime.

So buying hosting from a reliable web hosting company only give more uptime. In which the website is always online and there is no problem with downtime.

Customer Service
Every hosting company promises to provide 24*7 customer service. But help is not available at the time of the problem.

That’s why check beforehand, the customer support of your hosting company should be good.

With these features of web hosting, you can create custom domains for yourself and can do mail recovery, email sending, etc.

If something gets deleted from your website, can you back it up from the hosting server or not? You also have to keep this in mind while selecting hosting. And such a web hosting plan has to be selected which has the felicity of backups.

Where to buy Hosting
As you must be aware that there are many web hosting companies on the Internet. In such a situation, it is very difficult for every newbie to decide from which company to buy Hosting for themselves.

There are many reliable hosting companies. You will get all the hosting features mentioned above on it. And Complaint is equal to no.

You can buy web hosting from Hostgator and Bluehost to build your website.

But if you have any questions in your mind, then tell in the comment box below. I would be happy to help you.

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