How Creat a online Store

How To Make A online store From Scratch In 2023( Step- By- Step companion)

How to make an online store from the start and launch in 1 day Step- by Step( without any previous experience).

Opening an online store is the best option to start a real online business. Shopify is a tool for creating a fully functional online store.

So without any further hold-up, let’s dive straight in.

What’s Shopify?
Shopify is a complete commerce platform that helps any new person to start, grow, and manage a business.
Produce and customize an online store
Sell in multiple online platforms, including web, mobile, social media, online commerce, slip up- and-mortar locales, and pop-up shops.
Shopify is an in-one platform for online businesses to manage products, force, payments, shipping, and other online business functions.
While other platforms are available, Shopify has all the business tools and is easy to start, healthy ecosystem, integrations, and manageability.

What do we need to start a Shopify store?
If you want to start your online store with Shopify, then you need only one internet connection and a device like a computer and a tablet, or even by a smartphone, but a computer or laptop is more comfortable.

I don’t have any software knowledge.

To create a web store in Shopify, you do not need any software knowledge.

First step

Click the link to start creating your online Shopify store account.

make an online store with Shopify

Once you’ve clicked on the Get Started button, you’ll need to give further details to get started.

Mention your store name. you need to fill in the name of the store, not the URL. Complete the setup by filling in all your detail.
like name and address. Contact number etc.

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